Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loire Valley Châteaux

I've taken a few trips to visit the castles in the Paris-area and the Loire valley. Let's take a look!

Amboise, most famous for being Leonardo da Vinci's last resting place.

Chambord, which was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and served as the model for the castle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Naturally, being a Leonardo creation, it had to have a funny yet amazing quirk. This is the best shot I could get of the double helix staircase that winds up the center of Château Chambord. It's funny to walk up the stairs and see your friend on the other side yet never be able to reach each other. There may or may not have been a race involved.

Chenonceau, nicknamed "Château des Dames" due to the famous women, including Catherine de Medici, who used to reside there. This is the River Cher that runs under it. Of the castles I've seen, this one is by far the most memorable and beautiful.